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microblading with shading
microblading / healed lash line
microblading and shading
microblading with soft shading
fluffy brows

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 Microblading is a form of tattooing done by hand, rather than with a machine.

 This method is used to mimic eyebrow hair & creates soft and natural looking brows.



Combination brows


Combination brows are Microblading with added shading done with a tattoo machine. 

This makes natural hair strokes a little bolder, with a subtle make up look. 

Nano brows


 A natural hair stroke look suitable for all skin types done with a tattoo machine. 

Powder brows


Powder brows are a shaded look without hair strokes,  done with a tattoo machine. 

This is a bolder make up look brow. 

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Brows: Price List

Prices include:

Initial treatment 

A full consultation, including pre and post care advice.

An aftercare pack. 




All brow treatments are  a 2-step process and requires you to come in for a follow up appointment 6 weeks after the initial procedure. 

Follow up appointment:

done at 6 weeks



Annual top up: 

done at 9-12 months



Annual top up: 

done at 13-24 months


Brow results vary from client to client but can typically last anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on your skin type, health, sun exposure and aftercare.

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