Fiona Thomson

Head Piercer

I stumbled into piercing by chance nearly 20 years ago. It turned out to be one of life's happiest accidents, leading me on an amazing journey to where I am now. 

I have been fortunate that piercing has allowed me to travel and work in some of the most amazing studios and with some of the most talented piercers.  

I love big earrings, gold jewellery and natural Onyx stones.  I am pleased to be able to bring my love to you with some of the world's most incredible jewellery brands. 

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Fiona can be found at: 

 Black Abbey

Tuesday  -  Saturday   11am - 6pm


Pauline Mundt


From my questionable first helix piercing, to the lip piercing that followed quickly after, I knew I loved body piercing and being able to express myself through them. 

My favourite piercings right now are Conch, Rook and nipples. They are so unique and individual to each person and can be enhanced in so many ways. 

My favourite jewellery combinations are mostly set in solid white gold with stones such as Mystic Topaz, black Onyx  and Tanzanite.  

Anything that shines, sparkly and in shades of purples, blues or greens then I'm sold!

Scroll down to see examples of my work or click on the link to head over to my Instagram

Pauline is available at: 

Black Abbey

Saturdays   11am - 6pm


Rob "Thommo" Thomson

Piercing assistant

I first met the team when I came into get pierced and managed to dislocate my shoulder during my appointment!!

Fast forward to today and I am now happy to be part of the team.

I am here to help you out with stretching, jewellery fitting, removals and choosing the perfect piece for your new piercing.

You will also find me on the desk at Black Abbey.

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Mixed examples of work from Fiona and Pauline.