Cancellation season

The summer has become cancellation season for tattoo studios. While it is understandable that things come up unexpectedly, we do ask you let us know if you are unable to make an appointment.

We have a 48h cancellation policy. With 48h notice we can reschedule your appointments for you, should you need to make changes.

Failure to show up or cancellations without 48h notice will result in an automatic loss of deposit.

Please also be aware, Body piercing is the only service we do not take a deposit for. If you book an appointment and are unable to make it, call us and let us know. Time is allocated for each appointment. Failure to show results is time wasted and on many occasions walk in clients turned away.

All tattooists and body piercers are self employed and work on a commission basis. A tattoo or piercing may be a luxury for you, but for us it is our livelihood.

Our contact details can be found on the contact page. Should you have an issue making your appointment please get in touch.

Thank you

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