Jewellery downsizing

Pauline and I have been getting a few messages over the past 2 weeks from our clients worried about downsizing their jewellery.

Many of you will soon be due a downsize. Sadly, during the Covid - 19 lockdown we are not able to see you for these.


As you probably already know, downsizing your jewellery is a really important part of the healing process. Once the initial swelling goes away, shortening the length of the bar helps to avoid the jewellery getting caught on things, moving around and causing you issues.

While you could purchase a shorter piece of jewellery from our online store, we would ask that you avoid downsizing at home. While we want to avoid all the issues that can come with leaving the bar long, it is hard to know exactly what size you will need. With everyone being different and healing differently, it will be hard to get a perfect fit without seeing you in person.

It can also be really tricky to get bars in and out depending on where your piercing is. So to avoid any unnecessary trauma, we are asking you to take a bit of extra care and hold on a little longer ❤️

While your new piercing is healing, and we are unable to do downsizing, we would ask that you pay close attention to your aftercare.

Avoid sleeping on your new piercing, the little bit of extra length can catch on your pillows and be squashed at weird angles if you lean on it. Not only will this be uncomfortable, it can cause the piercing to flare up and it may end up moving the position of the piercing.

If you can't find your aftercare sheet, drop us an email and we can get a new one over to you.

Pauline and myself will be available for video check ins. Please drop us an email or DM to arrange a chat or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch.

Stay home, Stay safe and support each other ❤️

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