Limited edition Christmas vouchers

Our much awaited Christmas vouchers are back!

This year all vouchers are artist specific. This means you can buy a voucher with your favourite artist and it will only be valid for use with them.

There are 2 voucher values available £80 and £150.

a £50 spend will get you a voucher worth £80

a £100 spend will get you a voucher worth £150

My vouchers can be used towards cosmetic tattooing, hand poked tattooing, tattoo removal and high end body jewellery*

To get your hands on these vouchers all you have to do is pop into Land Ahoy Tattoos, email me or send me a DM

Vouchers can be shipped out for P&P costs.

*select range only

Cosmetic Tattoo - Semi_permenant Makeup - Body Piercing - Body Jewellery

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