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My name is Fiona Thomson.

I am the camera shy face behind Fiona Thomson studio.

I work in Glasgow, offering Cosmetic tattooing, body piercing and tattoo removal from my studio Black Abbey

You can see an up to date portfolio of work over on my instagram.






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My Story

I stumbled into the tattoo industry by chance just over 21 years ago. It turned out to be one of life's happiest accidents, leading me on an amazing journey to where I am now. 

My work has allowed me to travel the world, working in some great studios and with some incredible artists, eventually finding my way back to Glasgow. 

 Over the years I have continued to add strings to my bow, starting as a part time receptionist and ending up offering a wide range of services from the studio i co-own with my husband and pals. 

I continue to enjoy ongoing learning in all aspects of my work, regularly attending educational piercing conferences, refresher courses with laser techniques and cosmetic tattooing. 

Outside of work, I do a lot of walking, kayaking and recently took up wild swimming. I have bright yellow hair, wear a lot of black and really like eggs! (IYKYK!!!)


Email is preferred.

Please be aware, I am not always able to answer calls during my working hours.


0141 246 3485 

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