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24 degrees!

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

We took a little time to enjoy the sunshine yesterday, so we are coming to you a day late, but how good has this weather been? We hope you have found some time to enjoy the bank holiday weekend, there is no city like Glasgow when the sun is shining.

So another massive update for you all this week, Under mask services have returned as of today, (May 31st) and we will be offering these from Tuesday 1st June.

Fresh nose, long healed septum

We are very excited to be able open up these services, but we are doing so with caution and with a few guidelines.

As with every service, if you have any Covid symptoms, have been in contact with anyone with symptoms or traveled outside the country within the last 14 day we would ask you to reschedule or postpone booking an appointment.

You will be required to follow all normal covid guidelines whilst you are in the studio. Please be respectful of staff and other clients when in the studio.

You must keep your mask on for the duration on the time you are in the studio and only be removed for the procedure when in the treatment room. Your artist will let you know when it is time to remove the mask, Please listen to your artist and follow their instruction, this is for both your and our safety.

We will be offering a reduced range of jewellery for under mask piercings at this time.

All under mask piercings will be available with our standard titanium jewellery options along with a small selection of smooth gem and gold ends. We will not be offering prong set, large or ornate pieces. This is to minimise the risk of catching your new piercing on your mask.

Fiona and Pauline will both be taking bi weekly lateral flow tests for added piece of mind. These will now be freely available via the government website and we would advise that everyone take advantage of this service. You can order them here.

Please be aware there will be no option to pierce with a ring for nose piercings at this time.

You can now book for all under mask piercing services with Fiona in both Black Abbey and Infinite ink.

Pauline is available in Infinite ink for nose piercing only at this time.

Cosmetic tattooing and oral tattooing is now also available in both studios with Fiona.

Please be aware that both of these tattooing services require a full consultation. This is currently still being done via zoom. Consultations can be booked via our booking page and general enquires can be made via instagram or via our contact page.

For those looking to have full facial freckles or freckles over the nose and cheek area please be aware that that the wearing of mask can cause rubbing and pull out your fresh freckles.

While we know you have all been waiting a very long time for the return of these services, and are all excited to get booked in, we would remind you to be cautious and aware of mask use.

Mask wearing may cause extended healing times and you will run a risk of additional complications during the healing process of a pircing such as catching the piercing, rubbing and the dreaded bumps.

With Lip tattooing you will have similar risks as with piercing, in addition to this you will need to be aware of your mask wearing with regard to your aftercare application, your artist will go over these with you before and after your appointment, but if you have any questions regarding under mask services or the healing process of any treatments, please get in touch before booking.

We would recommend a silicone mask insert /bracket under your mask to allow some space for your new piercing or tattoo where possible.

Silicone mask inserts available on amazon

Pauline has been getting a lot of hands on experience with Navel piercings and doing really well. We will be continuing to offer this piercing for £15 with Pauline on Fridays / Saturdays until the 3rd of July in Infinite Ink and with very limited spaces in Black Abbey. Please contact us to get booked in.

Please be aware you must be at least 18 years old.

Pauline in action, marking up a Navel piercing.

Our new monthly offer starts tomorrow, Tuesday June 1st, in both studios.

This month will be nipple piercing, there will be just £15 each (£30 for the pair) including standard titanium jewellery.

We are also offering a little jewellery promo to run along side this months offer. Opal beads will be just £10 each or £15 for a pair. Opal bead upgrades can be used for your fresh piercing or if you fancy jazzing up your existing, healed piercings.

Nipple piercing is only available for over 18's and you must have a valid photo ID.

Booking is open in Black Abbey and Infinite ink with both Fiona and Pauline.

You can book via our contact page or contacting the girls over on instagram.

How cute is this new jewellery we have in stock from Tish Lyon?

These gorgeous yellow and white gold pieces are available in Black Abbey. All pieces here are available alone or in a pair.

We are currently working on getting all out Gold pieces onto the website so you can order online and reserve for your piercing appointment in both Black Abbey and Infinite Ink. While we work on that, do not hesitate to contact us to claim anything you see on our blog or instagram.

You all know Fiona loves a constellation, so you may have to fight her for this beauty. This piece would be suitable for a healed piercing only.

Head over to the Blabbey blog to see what has been going on in the studio this week.

Thanks to everyone who came in this week


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