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A little later than expected...

Updated: May 21, 2021

This weeks blog is a little later than we planned, but we were having some much needed family time. Due to work and lockdowns my husband hasn't seen his family in over 2 years! So we took a day off and headed off to enjoy the sunshine with our loved ones.

So whats been going on this week? Well, loads! We have a few top secret things in the planning stages, we are absolutely bursting to share with you all...... just not quite yet!

Pauline and I spend Tuesday up to our ears with jewellery orders. Some very exciting new jewellery lines being added, a few new colours and a little more gold for both Black Abbey and Infinite Ink, hopefully we will have some pictures up online for you all soon.

Here are a few beauties currently available and all looking for a home!

You can contact us and claim any of the jewellery we post for your new or healed piercings.

For all of you who have placed jewellery orders, they should be here soon and we will be in touch as soon as they arrive.

Custom orders are available on all our jewellery brands, if we don't currently have an item in stock please drop us an email or chat to your piercer and we can make your jewellery dreams a reality!


Eyeliner tattoos seem a little daunting, But we can assure you it is a very easy procedure - with lots of numbing!!

Lash line enhancement gives the eye a lovely pop without the need for make up, this is a brilliant procedure for anyone, but we love the look on our fair haired clients.

Here are a few procedural shots from this week along with some before and after on a follow up session.

This healed liner is 6 months after 1 session. We would normally do your first 2 sessions within a 6-8 week timeframe, sadly we were delayed with the last national lockdown.


We believe there is always room for improvement, and aim to continue our learning as often as we can. We are very lucky to have an amazing community of piercers offering to share there knowledge and experience, these classes have been amazing for us both over lockdowns.

It's now time for some more in house training, Pauline is looking to gain more experience in standard Navel piercing (belly button).

We will have a small number of training piercing slots available throughout June.

  • These slots are available on a Friday and Saturday ONLY.

  • You MUST be over 18 years old to take part in this offer.

  • The piercing, including standard titanium jewellery, will be £15.

  • As always upgrade jewellery is available from an additional £10.

  • Training will be done under supervision.

Booking for navel training piercing is now open, you can make an enquiry or booking via our contact page.

There is still plenty of time left on our May piercing offer for conch piercing.

Conch piercing is a fun one with lots of jewellery possibilities, here are a few we have loved from the past few weeks.

Tune in to next weeks blog where we will announce what our June piercing offer will be!


Black Abbey are currently taking applications for a new tattoo artist. If you are interested in joining the clergy, drop an email here.

This is not an apprenticeship position, you must have at least 2 years tattoo experience.


Look at this absolute disaster!

I managed to catch my unit in just the right way to pull every single thing off of it and smash all my lovely kewpie doll head planters, Im beyond gutted. If anyone knows where i can pick up some replacements please let me know.

Thank you to everyone who has been into both studios over the last week, its been another absolute belter!

Piercings spaces are available with both Fiona and Pauline this week, head over to Instagram for all the up to date goings on via our stories or drop us a message to get booked in here.

Fiona x

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