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Back to work giveaway

To welcome you all back to the studio, and to celebrate the fact Pauline is now a full time member of our team, we are doing a little giveaway!

The first 20 people who get pierced with Pauline in infinite ink will get one of these little goodie bags!

First 20 people to be pierced with Pauline will receive one of these goodie bags
Goodie bag

Each goodie bag contains a piercing aftercare pack, a limited edition "Pauline" candle by Cera Monstro, a hand made love heart brooch by Pauline herself, an assortment of stickers and a sweet treat!

Please be aware candle sizes and colours will vary and broach colours will vary.

If you want to get your hands on one of these cute bags all you have to do is book in for a piercing with Pauline when we reopen at Infinite Ink (Hamilton) from 27th April.

You can book in via our contact page or contacting Pauline directly over on her instagram page.

Just incase you missed it, our first monthly offer of 2021 will be Conch piercings.

Each month we offer one piercing at a discounted price. We will be running our offer from when we reopen on the 27th April right up till May 31st, so there is plenty of time to get yourself booked in.

Conch piercing will be just £15 during the offer period. This will include your new piercing and standard titanium jewellery. Upgrade options are available.

As we have missed you all so much, we are doing a little jewellery offer to run alongside the first monthly piercing offer. Upgrade your new, or healed piercing, with any of our flower attachments for just £15 (normally from £25).

Both the piercing and jewellery offers are available with Fiona and Pauline.


Fiona's diary will open on Tuesday 20th April for new clients in Infinite Ink, Hamilton. If you would like to book in with Fiona for cosmetic tattooing, tattoos, tattoo removal or a piercing you can use our contact page or get her directly via instagram.

For those of you still holding out to book for Black Abbey, please contact us to be added to the waiting list. We will be in touch as soon as we have the go ahead to start tattooing from our new city centre home.

Black Abbey will be open from April 27th for consultations and general sales. You can contact the studio directly to arrange appointments to speak to artists about your tattoo ideas.

Fiona's Glasgow diary is now open for in person consultations and jewellery sale appointments. You can book directly for this via our booking page.

We are pleased to now be stocking Stericlens saline piercing aftercare spray in both Black Abbey and Infinite Ink. You can also grab yourself a can right here on our online store.

Stericlens can be sprayed directly onto your fresh piercing as part of your aftercare routine. Its handy size means you can pop it in your bag and look after your piercing with ease, wherever you are.


A wee reminder that over on Black Abbey there are still a few charity prints and candle bundles still available. All the profits from the sale of prints will be split between Rape crisis Scotland and Woman's aid Scotland. All the details of this can be found on the blog post

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