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Its have been freckle daft over the past few week’s and we LOVE it!

Freckles have always been Fiona’s absolute favourite procedure to do, she offers standard freckles, beauty marks, freckle enhancement and constellation freckles.

Freckles give a youthful sun kissed glow, and they can be placed on the face or body. As we age, those of us lucky enough to have natural freckles can see fading in them. Depending on the skin, these can be enhanced and brought back to life making you feel yourself again.

Constellation freckles are a great way to have a secret tattoo, something with a special meaning to you that only you know about.

Some beautiful fresh and heal freckles by Fiona.

If any of our freckle treatments interest you, drop us a message for more information or click the booking Link to come in for a chat.

Julys monthly piercing promo is for Helix piercings. We are including standard helix, forward helix and flat piercings in the offer.

Each piercing will be just £15 each including standard titanium jewellery options.

Once again we are adding a jewellery promo to run along with this piercing promo, this month it’s opals.

A selection of our opal jewellery will be available for just £5 with your fresh piercing.

You can book via the booking page right HERE


We have made some big changes over at Infinite Ink, Hamilton.

This month there will be no piercing promo, instead, we have decided to slash the prices!

Prices shown include standard titanium jewellery, there are 3 options available.

Our standard age restrictions apply, please check with your piercer or the studio when enquiring.

There will be a few exceptions to this new pricing structure, dermals, surface and genital piercings will not be included in this pricing.

Dermals will start from £30

Surface piercings will start from £40

Genital piercing will start from £50 - female only

As always, jewellery upgrades are available for as little as £5 each.

So that’s pretty exciting news right? Well we have something EVEN more exciting to share!

We are VERY excited to announce that Mandy is making her return to piercing. We know a lot of her clients are absolutely buzzing at this news and so are we.

Mandy has been a piercer for many years and has a wealth of experience, but she has taken some time out the past few years. Since taking over infinite ink she has made some big changes to the place and has a growing family of talented artists onboard.

So now Infinite ink is in full swing, Mandy has decided to return to piercing, and she is going to be even more amazing than she was before.

Mandy will be available Tuesday - Saturday each week and for now will be mainly offering piercing as a walk in service.

We hope you will all join us in making Mandy's return as easy as possible, pop in and get pierced!!

For now, please head over to instagram and give her new piercing page some love.

Fiona will be taking a little step back from piercing to concentrate on cosmetic procedures and tattoo removal during her time in Infinite Ink. She will now be available in once a month on a regular guest spot, Booking can still be made via instagram or through the studio directly.

Pauline is also making a few changes, In order to spend a little more quality time with her boys, she will be reducing her piercing hours. Pauline will still be available in Infinite ink Tuesday - Saturday and you can contact her directly to get booked in

The infinite ink girls are all away on a much needed holiday, but you can check out the instagram to get more information.


The lower floor of black abbey has also had a little change. Black Abbey is always evolving and growing as a studio. We have done some rearranging to make room for something very exciting coming in the not too distant future. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Sunday is also Blabbey blog day, find out whats been happening over here

It's been a wild and busy week, you guys help make us love what we do and we will be forever grateful for each and every person who walks comes into our studios.

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