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Do you have difficulties with screwing your ends on & off? Threadless or push fit jewellery is a great way to solve that problem!

We absolutely love Threadless jewellery, both of us wear by it in our piercings, as it's super easy to fit and stays in like a dream.

Here’s a little video of just how easy it is to use.

We have some amazing Threadless pieces from Junipurr, Maya and Neometal in Black Abbey.

We are working hard on our webstore and are aiming to get all our stock up online asap. This will mean you can buy jewellery online which we can send out to you and we will be able to keep pieces for your piercing appointments.

Don’t worry, Black Abbey isn’t getting all the good stuff, all our online jewellery will be available for appointments at Infinite ink as well.

If you see something you like on our Instagram, DM us and you can reserve it.

We are still finalising our next Neometal order and have added an extra few days to let the last few people order, so please drop us a message or a DM over on Instagram if you would like any information or to get added to the order. The offer will now be placed on Wednesday 16th June, last call is now Tuesday June 15th at 6pm.

We accept custom orders for all our jewellery brands, you don’t need to wait until the studio is placing an order to be able to get that dream piece.

Drop us a message any time with your requests and we can get you a quote.

We understand some of those special pieces can be quite pricey, so we can accept payment in instalments for your new jewellery and then fit it once the balance has been paid. Gift vouchers are also available.

We require a 50% deposit to place your order. The remaining 50% balance to be paid when you collect your new jewellery. Of course we can fit any new jewellery for you or keep it for your next piercing appointment.

Here some of the brands we currently stock, check out their instagrams for jewellery and piercing inspo

@Body Gems


@sacred symbols

@ Maya

@ junipurr

@tish Lyon


Now that under mask piercings are back, nose piercings have, once again, become one of the most popular piercings to get. While we are excited to show off all your lovely new nose piercings we also want to make sure everyone getting or thinking about getting this piercing (or any under mask piercing) knows that now there are a few extra things to think about during the healing process.

Under a mask is not the most ideal situation for healing a new piercing. There is a risk you might catch your piercing when you are taking your mask on and off, there is also added risk of the mask rubbing against your fresh piercing. Both situations causing irritation and will lengthen the healing process.

To minimise the risk of this, we are offering a reduced jewellery range at the moment. This means absolutely no rings, nothing too ornate and nothing too big. We are keeping things smooth, flat and simple for you guys. Now that doesn’t mean things need to be boring. Check out these cute noses done with our classic titanium range and some of the threaded ends we offer at just £5

Cute right? Ok back to healing, you will all know that after a day of wearing a mask your skin can feel a little gross from all the moisture that builds up under there. All that moisture is not good for your fresh piercing and it's a breeding ground for bacteria. Always try to wear a clean fresh mask, changing them as often as you can to make sure dirt isn’t building up and getting into your piercing. You will also need to give your piercing a little extra care and attention, making sure to give it a rinse when you take your mask off.

We advise cleaning with a saline solution, like the one we give you when you get pierced or we also sell Stericlens which is idea to throw in your bag and take with you.

So along with our normal aftercare advice, we are just asking that you take a little extra care with your new piercing under the mask area. As always, check ups are free whether we pierced you or not.

You can now book a piercing or a check up using our new booking app.

Thanks to everyone who kept Pauline busy this week while Fiona was off on holiday. Pauline will be in Black Abbey with Fiona on Tuesday next week and has a little bit of space left to pierce, drop her a DM or click on the app link above to get booked in.

The Blabbey blog is also now live, head over to see what happened in the studio this week and be the first to see some amazing new merchandise released today!

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