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Positive feed back.

The first week of under mask piercings down and it has been such a buzz to be back doing them. We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has been in for these services, you have all been really awesome. Its been quite a hot week under all that PPE!

We have limited our range of jewellery available for theses services, keeping things smooth and smaller to minimise the risks while we are still wearing masks everyday.

We outlined some of the risks in our last blog post, everyone has been very understanding and made some really cool jewellery choices. Here are a few of our favourites this week.

We have updated our online booking system. You can now book with us via the Fresha app.

Booking is available for Black Abbey, Glasgow, only. We are currently offering all piercing services and consultations for all other procedures via the app.

You can take a look or get booked in here.

Don’t worry, We will still be taking bookings and answering your enquires via DM. You can contact both of us over on our instagram pages FIONA PAULINE

At the moment any booking for Infinite ink must be done via instagram or our contact page.

Our Monthly offer is still running, this month Nipple piercing is just £15 each, £30 the pair, until the end of June.

Opal beads are also on offer this month. £10 each or £15 for the pair. Ideal for your fresh new piercings or upgrading your healed and existing piercings.


Pauline is still offering Navel piercings at just £15. This is a training piercing offer. Whilst Pauline gets some more hands on experience with Navel piercings, these will be done under supervision and at a reduced price. We have availability for training piercing on Fridays and Saturdays until July 3rd at Infinite Ink and Tuesday 15th and Thursday 24th of June in Black Abbey. Please contact Fiona or Pauline directly for more information or to book in.


Once again, We have been working away in the background on some more training, this time we have been updating our Laser tattoo removal training.

Fiona and Rob have been refreshing their skills, while Pauline had been doing her full training and is now certified.

We are all very proud of Pauline. There will be a little more in-house training and Pauline will be taking on clients from August this year.

Black Abbey has a shiny new laser machine and we are very pleased to be able to offer tattoo removal services with both Rob and Fiona. Consultations and patch testing can be booked via our new booking app or by dropping us a message on our contact page.

We are currently finalising our Neometal order. If you are interested in getting some of their beautiful Threadless jewellery that we may not currently stock, drop us a message and we can add you into our order. You can take a look at their catalogue here.

Our order will go in on Monday 14th June. All client orders must be places by 6pm on Saturday 12th June.

All orders require a 50% deposit at the time of order with the remaining 50% payable on collection.

Fiona and Rob will be taking a few days holiday at the start of the week.

You can still contact Fiona via instagram, please be aware there be a delay in responses while she enjoys some much needed time off.

Fiona will be back in Infinite Ink, Hamilton, on Saturday 12th June and back in Black Abbey, Glasgow, from the 15th June.


Before we sign off, We want to take minute to talk about choosing your piercer (or tattooist).

This week we have had people compliment our way of working, from online booking, contact tracing, digital consent forms, instant email aftercare and free aftercare packs. We also had people thank us for taking the time to talk to them, make time to discuss their ideas and option for jewellery.

While this is lovely to hear and great feedback for us, its also worrying, isn’t this just the standard we should all experience?

Our advice would always be to take your time and research your piercer, reach out to them and ask questions. A piercing or a tattoo is a very personal, invasive and sometimes scary service, its important you feel comfortable with the person you chose to do this for you.

It is equally important that the piercer you choose takes the time needed with you and is there for you when you have a question or problem after you leave the studio.

Glasgow and Hamilton have some really good Piercers who are offering some incredible jewellery options, and we know, like us, they take their time with their clients, making sure that they receive the best service available.

Thanks for another brilliant week everyone ,

As always to find out what else is happening with the Black Abbey team check out the blabbey blog post

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