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Scottish summer is here!

Its been a scorcher this week and next week looks like its going to be even hotter!

While we are all been trying to enjoy the Scottish summer its necessary we do a little PSA.

Please keep hydrated!

Keep fresh tattoos out of the sun.

If you have a new tattoo, don’t apply sunscreen to it until it’s fully healed. Instead, cover your tattoo with loose clothing to avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

If you have a healed tattoo, make sure you apply sunscreen. We recommend factor 50!

If you are out in the sun prior to getting a new tattoo, please look after your skin, sunscreen and covering up where possible.

We cannot tattoo on sunburnt skin.

For those with fresh freckles and brows, its essential you keep cool and out of the sun.

For those getting pierced, swelling will be far greater in the heat and bleeding is more common.

And of course, look after your doggos. Those of you who have been in the studio may have noticed Winston and Zen have not been in, its too hot to walk dogs and far too hot for little old flat faced piglets to be in the car and studio. They have been enjoying some time at home with the fans blasting.


A few blogs back we announced the exciting news that Mandy is now back piercing again at Infinite ink.

Mandy has been taking some time to get back in the swing of things and learn some new techniques, as expected it has been like riding a bike, like she never stopped.

Mandy is now taking appointments and will continue to offer a walk in service for piercing Tuesday - Saturday each week.

Mandy offers a full range of piercing services, with her vast knowledge and years of experience you will be in great hands. Drop her a message on instagram or contact the studio directly

Pauline has decided to focus her time solely in infinite ink. We would like to wish her all the very best with her piercing career, Something we know she will continue to flourish in.

Pauline will still be taking bookings via her instagram.

Where does this leave Fiona ?

Well from here on Fiona will be in Infinite ink on a monthly basis, the first weekend of each month. There will still be availability for piercing, but Fiona will be concentrating on Cosmetic tattooing and tattoo removal while she is in Infinite Ink, passing piercing duties primarily over to Mandy and Pauline.

You can still book in here , via instagram, or contacting the studio directly.


While Fiona is working on being able to offer Paramedical tattooing for breast cancer survivors, she is currently offering nipple enhancement.

So if you would like to enhance your current shape, colour or if you fancy changing the shape altogether, Fiona has you covered.

Check out these heart shaped areola’s from this week. For more information on this treatment, Drop is a message here.


Fiona and Aldo are doing a Friday 13th deal next month (August)

There is a piercing promo and some amazing tattoo flash up for grabs.

Fiona is offering a select range of piercings for just £13!

The offer will include :








The price will include 1x piercing, standard titanium jewellery and aftercare as normal but there will also be a selection of upgrade jewellery that will also be included for NO EXTRA CHARGE!!

Fiona will also have a variety of mystery bags available for £13 and £31.

Each bag will contain some exciting jewellery and treats, you will be able to pick these up on the day at your appointment or online via our web store, more on these closer to the time.

Tattoo designs will be on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to grab one of these designs drop Fiona a DM

Fiona is running her promo from Fri 13th - Sun 15th Aug.

The Saturday is now fully booked, but there is very limited space left on Friday and Sunday.

You can book via our booking app for piercings, your piercing will be discounted at the time of your appointment or drop Fiona a DM over on instagram .

Wee Aldo will announce his flash later this week, he will be available on Saturday 14th Aug only, check out his instagram and DM him directly to get booked in.


Our wonderful Black Abbey gate keeper, Rob, will be heading off to start a new job next week.

Although we know he’s been enjoyed being back in a tattoo shop again, we bet he’s looking forward to getting back to his real life work and will be glad to get some peace from us!!

With Rob away we have enlisted the help of our good friend Tony.

Tony has been helping in Black Abbey since the day we got the keys and we could not be happier to have him join the team officially :)

Thank you to everyone who has kept us busy this week, we are forever grateful of your support.

Head over to the black abbey website for this weeks Blabbeyblog

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