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Time for introductions

I have had a lot of new followers since we opened Black Abbey earlier this year, so I thought this might be a good opportunity to say hello and reintroduce myself.

Hello, Im Fiona Thomson, I co-own Black Abbey along with my husband, Rob, and our two friends, Sara Gallacher and Ross Grant.

We set up the studio to create a better working environment for ourselves and to have a light, welcoming safe space for our clients.

I have been a piercer for nearly 20 years - I know you would not believe its possible, but I really am that old!!

During my piercing career I have been fortunate to travel the world, working in some incredible studios and alongside some amazing piercers.

Starting out as a part time receptionist many moons ago, I became a Body Piercer in 2003 and then went on to learn Laser tattoo removal in 2010.

Keen to add another string to my bow, I did an apprenticeship with Iona Wallace in 2016, learning all about cosmetic tattooing. I really found a passion for cosmetic tattooing, especially freckles and female scalp micro pigmentation.

I am continuing to learn and grow within my field, and I have since trained with Hayley Shortridge-Gabriel, Teryn Darling, Tess Marti, Shay Danielle as well as a whole host of talented piercers who kindly to share their knowledge and help the industry progress.

Although I am based in Glasgow city centre, in Black Abbey, I do a regular monthly guest spot at Infinite ink in Hamilton. You can find me there the first weekend of each month.

I mainly offer Tattoo removal and cosmetic tattooing during my time in Infinite, but you can book in there for any of my services.

Booking for Black Abbey can be done via the booking page or via instagram.

If you are looking for a Hamilton booking, this can be done via instagram, here or by contacting the studio directly.

Many of you will have met my husband, Rob, when you have been in the studio, Its probably time he got a formal introduction!

Rob co-owns Black Abbeys and is our behind the scenes technical wizard as well as an all round handy hero, we would be lost without him.

A specialist service engineer in his day job, Rob can be found behind the desk in Black abbey when he is not working away.

Rob is a man on many talents, having been in tattoo studios for the past 15yrs, he has gone on to become our piercing assistant as well as a fully qualified laser tattoo removal technician. Having trained back in 2010 rob refreshed his tattoo removal knowledge earlier this year.

You can meet the full Black Abbey Clergy over on this weeks Blabbey Blog.

Regular viewers will be keen to know what next months piercing promo will be……… Drum roll please!

Augusts monthly piercing offer will be DERMAL ANCHORS.

Dermal anchors will be just £25 each until August 31st.

The price will include a single piercing, standard jewellery or Gem tops and an aftercare pack.

Dermal anchors, also known as microdermals or single point piercings, can be placed on almost any flat surface of the body, but are most commonly placed on the cheekbones, on the collar bones, back of the neck, arms, hips, or chest.

Booking can be made via the app HERE or by dropping an email HERE


Thank you to everyone who everyone who booked in for Julys piercing promo, I am now fully booked for this offer.

Here are some favourites from over the last few weeks.


There is very limited space left on my Friday 13th Promo, thanks to everyone who booked in so far.

Piercings included in the offer are as follows -








Your £13 piercing will include standard titanium jewellery OR jewellery from our promo board as well as our free aftercare pack.

You can book piercings via the App and they will be discounted at the time of your appointment.

Age restrictions will apply, please use the contact page for further information on all terms and conditions.

Please remember all piercings are anatomy dependent and that we will not be offering a ring option on all piercings.

Available tattoo designs are :

Tattoos are available at £31 for arm or leg placement only. If you would like to get tattooed in another location there will be an additional charge for your tattoo.

Tattoos can be booked via instagram DM or via email.

Aldo is also doing a Fri 13th deal, you can book with him directly HERE

Thank you to everyone who came in this week, its been a scorcher!

F x

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