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We're all ears...

Ears offer endless piercing possibilities and in turn, ear piercings are one of the best ways to make a beautiful statement with your jewellery, no matter what your style.

While we offer a few really nice choices on our standard titanium piercing options, we also have a whole host of jewellery choices to help you get exactly what you want, right off the bat. Here are a few upgrade pieces we fitted this week in our Hamilton pop up at Infinite Ink.

We also managed to find a little free time this week to finally treat each other to some new piercings and upgraded our old piercings. We have been planning our ear projects for a little while, a process called curating. Did you know we actually offer this as a service? You can book a consultation slot or send us photos of your ears and we can work our magic to help give you the ear of your dreams.

Ear curation can be suited to any style or budget, drop us a message to find out more.

All our new jewellery came from Neometal and we think you will love the shine on these stones.

We currently stock Neometal threadless jewellery in Black Abbey with a very "Blabbey" colour pallet (black, gold and clear), which Fiona stuck with for her new piercings, but we are looking at bringing a range of "Pauline colours" into Infinite ink. What do you think ?


Fiona has been working with Megan to build up her brows for a little while now. Megan has some scar tissue and sparser hair growth in one tail. Fiona has worked on balancing the brows as well as disguising the scarred area, while trying to keep them looking nice and natural.

Everyones brow needs are different, it is important to talk to your brow artist to make sure you are getting the right brows for you.

If you are interested in cosmetic tattooing procedures you can drop Fiona a message directly over on Instagram, or via our contact page.

You can also find out more information on what procedures we offer via our website.

Those of you who have been in Black Abbey will have by now met our fabulous assistant Rob Thomson.

Rob has been part of the team behind the scenes for quite a long time now and is based in Black Abbey.

A fully trained laser tattoo removal technician and our go to tech guy, Rob is also a very glamorous piercing assistant, helping you all with jewellery enquiries, fittings, removals and orders.

It has been another incredible working week, thank you to everyone who has walked through our doors.

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