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What a week!

It's been an incredible first week back, we are so buzzing to be working again and to see all your lovely faces.

Pauline has smashed her first week as a full time piercer, and you guys didn't half keep her busy!

Paulines diary is open, she is in Infinite Ink Tuesday - Saturday, 10am till 6pm each day. You can book an appointment with her via our contact page or with her directly over on her instagram page.

Fiona started her week in Black Abbey with the rest of the team. It has been so lovely to be able to finally show you all what we have been working on over the past few months. Thank you to everyone who came in for a visit and those who have sent their well wishes, we have definitely felt the love this week.

The studio is now open Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday from 11am till 6pm each week. You can contact artists directly via instagram or head over to the website for more information.

Finishing off her week at Infinite ink, Fiona had a very busy day. She did, of course, forget to take many photos, but did manage to cover all her bases with tattoo removal, cosmetic tattooing, piercing and some hand poked tattoos. Fiona's Infinite Ink diary is now open, you can book now via our contact page .

By now you will be aware our current monthly offer is for Conch piercing. We wanted to show off some nicely upgraded, healed, conch's with rings that Pauline fitted this week.

We love the look of a conch ring but we don't pierce with a ring right away.

This is because, as good as it looks for our photo on the day, the healing just really sucks for you guys and we want to make sure you have as smooth healing process as possible. Allowing the piercing to heal before getting your ring fitted really is the best option in our opinion.

Just because you aren't getting a ring right off the bat doesn't mean your new conch piercing has to be boring, we have lots of jewellery options to make sure your piercing looks amazing right away, see some examples below of what can be fitted at the time.

All in all it's been bloody brillzo to be back at work, we are so grateful for all our wonderful clients, you have kept us going throughout lockdown with your support.

We look forward to seeing you all in the flesh again soon :)

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