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Body Piercing

Our team is committed to giving you the best piercing experience possible.
Providing the highest quality jewellery and service means the world to us.
We work tirelessly to ensure that anyone who chooses us, leaves with something they truly love.
For all piercing and jewellery enquiries please get in touch.

price list

Image by Micheile Henderson

Full service list and pricing. 

Body piercing is available by appointment, bookings can be made via our booking app.


All services are subject to age restrictions and all appointments require a valid photo ID.

When parental consent is required, Parent must be present with a valid photo ID.


Image by Kimia Zarifi

We are excited to bring you the most beautiful jewellery. Our cabinets host everything from standard titanium jewellery options to gold and precious stones. 

Our piercers are on hand to help you find the perfect piece of jewellery for your new piercing. 


Image by Tetiana SHYSHKINA

Aftercare is crucial for your new piercing. 

We have outlined some of the basics here for you.

Aftercare will be given to you following your piercing with us. We also have a range of cleaning solutions available to buy.

Our piercers are always available to help you will any piercing issues you may have. 

Body Piercing: Piercing Services
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