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Jewellery Guide

Jewellery: Piercing Services

Standard Piercing jewellery

Our standard piercing jewellery is implant grade titanium ASTM F136. 

We pierce with internally threaded jewellery and threadless jewellery.

 As a studio, we are constantly trying to make improvements and make sure we are bringing you the very best quality jewellery.

We have a large range of  high-quality stones like Swarovski crystals, elements and semi-precious stones so your initial piercing doesn't have to be standard, Treat yourself!

upgrade jewellery

While our standard jewellery is awesome, we are excited to offer you endless options for your fresh piercings.

Using the most advanced sterilisation techniques, we are able to pierce with almost everything in our cabinets.  

We have jewellery to suit all budgets with no scrimping on quality. 

Black Abbey is proud to stock some of the worlds best brands in stock including Neometal, Junipurr, Sacred Symbols, Danila Tarcinale Jewellery, Industrial strength, , LeRoi Fine Jewellery, Inari Organics, BVLA, , Diablo Organics, Maya, Tawapa and to name a few.

Your new piercing will be sure to turn heads, not only because of how stunning it will look, but because of the beautiful confidence it will instil in you.

Our piercers are experts, and we’re sure it will look excellent on you.


We offer both large gauge piercing and stretching services. 

These services require a consultation. 

Custom jewellery orders

We accept custom orders for all our branded jewellery. 

If we don't currently stock your dream piece of jewellery, drop us a msg and we can help you make your dreams come true.

Jewellery can take between 6 weeks and 5 month to arrive. 

A 50% deposit is taken for all orders.

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